Growth Flag is a new, first-of-its-kind, online tool designed with policy makers, commissioners, business decision-makers and analysts in mind.

It pulls live data from a comprehensive dataset - that is easily analysed by the user - to instantly present clear visuals and downloadable data. This quickly shows where growth potential exists in individual businesses across the UK.


Understand your local economy today and develop knowledge about future growth potential through in-depth analysis.


Explore areas of growth within specific sectors and geographies to make precise investments.


Identity high- potential companies to support targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

How it works 

Growth Flag takes comprehensive firm-level data sets that are constantly updated to create a Growth Potential Score. 

A unique and trusted model

It uses a bespoke algorithm that gives a predictive growth potential score based on statistical analyses including principal component and multivariate analysis. The results are validated via use of control groups as well as retrospective time-series analysis, to test if the predictions are robust. 


Company scores across a wide range of sectors


Of businesses with a high growth potential captured

4 years

Of data to offset the impact of the pandemic

Public Sector

Public sector organisations such as Local and Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), as well as colleges and universities can use the platform to understand their local economy and support sectors that have the highest growth potential. 

Private Sector

Businesses can use Growth Flag to understand emerging markets and target relevant sales and marketing activity, or to offer tailored solutions based on where clusters of businesses are on their growth journey.